2021.28 Track Splitting?

With less than a month to go, and the deadline for submitting presentation proposals approaching this week (15 July), Andrew Shitov has made several exciting announcements about the first ever Raku Conference (online on 7 August):

Which brings the question: should the conference be stretched to 2 days with a single track? Or should it stay a single day with 2 simultaneous tracks? Please leave your views with “Thinking of time” or let Andrew Shitov know by other means.

Array Cast Podcast

Daniel Sockwell is a listener to the Array Cast Podcast and decided to send in an email about why they had stopped using APL in favor of the Raku Programming Language. This resulted in an entire episode (transcript, /r/apljk, /r/rakulang) dedicated to Daniel‘s mail! This also spawned threads on /r/apljk and /r/rakulang. Cool! And cool marketing outside of the bubble!

Getting to highlight Raku code

Siavash Askari Nasr describes their journey getting their Raku website to properly highlight Raku code in examples in Raku, Go, Chroma, Germanium, Hugo and my blog. Cool to see so much tricky Raku code highlighted correctly (/r/rakulang comments)! See also their qutebrowser userscripts!

Malware Analysis

Paula blogs about how they used YARA for simple malware analysis before, but have now changed to using the Raku Programming Language for malware analysis (/r/rakulang comments).

Creating awesome Pull Requests

JJ Merelo has written a very nice blog posts on how you can create awesome Pull Requests: useful, insightful, educational, teamwork. That applies to both the blog post and what your PR’s should be (/r/rakulang comments)!

Flavio’s Corner

Flavio Poletti continued writing, with 3 posts this week!

Wenzel’s Corner

Two blog posts by Wenzel P.P. Peppmeyer this week:

Joining the Raku Steering Council

The Raku Steering Council has announced that Geoffrey Broadwell will fill the open seat in the Raku Steering Council. Geoffrey has been involved in Raku from its very beginning in 2000, so this is an excellent addition to the RSC and good news for the Raku community!


Weekly Challenge #121 is available for your perusal. And this week’s “What’s everyone working on (2021.28)” as well.

Pull Requests

Please check these Pull Requests and leave any comments that you may have!

Core Developments

  • Stefan Seifert fixed a memory corruption issue with spesh stats being freed when they shouldn’t be, and a garbage collection issue when (de-)serializing bytecode.
  • Tom Browder simplified some pre-processor code on MoarVM.
  • Samantha McVey fixed an issue in the ShiftJIS decoder.
  • Nguyễn Gia Phong added some mkdir related tests.
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen fixed some cases where next slip(42,666) (and last) were not handled correctly, and performed some optimizations on the iterators used by map and for loops.
  • And some other smaller fixes and optimizations.

Meanwhile, on the new-disp branch, Jonathan Worthington managed to get Rakudo to build with the new dispatch mechanism being used by default. This is an immense step forward! Next step is to make all the currently broken tests pass.

Questions about Raku

Meanwhile on Twitter

Meanwhile on the mailing list

Comments about Raku

New Raku Modules

  • Sparrow6::Rakudo::Install Sparrow6 plugin to install various versions of Rakudo by Alexey Melezhik.
  • Text::CodeProcessing A package with functions for processing of code chunks in documents of different types (like Markdown, Org-mode, Pod6.) by Anton Antonov.
  • Mac::Battery::Alerter Raku script to alert with speech in case of low battery on macOS by Mark Collins.

Updated Raku Modules

Winding down

Wow. Cool conference developments, plenty of blog posts, the new-disp branch getting into testing phase, and some interesting new modules. An exciting week, hopefully of many more to come. Meanwhile, stay healthy and stay vigilant. The pandemic is most definitely not over yet!

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