The Rakudo Weekly News comes from a long history of weekly blog posts that started as far back as 2003. This incarnation of this weekly blog focuses on the development of the Rakudo™ compiler, an implementation of the Raku® Programming Language and its open and inclusive community.

The weekly publication of this blog, is usually on Monday evening (CET). However, external circumstances may cause a slightly earlier, or slightly later publication. In rare circumstances, a week may be skipped, but this will usually be announced beforehand.

Each issue contains a main article which focuses on the most important event of the week. Other events, such as blog postings, are then referenced. An overview of Rakudo™ compiler core developments, questions about the Raku® Programming Language, and references in other (social) media. Followed by an overview of new and updated Raku modules of the week.

On Twitter, you can use the hashtag #rakudoweekly if you have news that you think may be interesting to have in the next Rakudo Weekly News. You can also send private tweets to @liztormato.

Previous incarnations of this blog were run by Ann Barcomb, Piers Cawley, Timo Paulssen and many, many others. Please leave a reply if you feel you have been left out.

This blog is completely run by volunteers who dedicate their free time to the project. Donations in any form, be they financial, or by providing easily integrated items, are deeply appreciated.

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