2021.27 For Messing Up

Jo Christian Oterhals has returned with a nice blog post on How to mess up for loops in Raku, inspired by a tweet of Joelle Maslak (/r/rakulang comments). The blog post explores the ways you can call a piece of code repeatedly in the Raku Programming Language. Including ways you probably shouldn’t. Learning by bad example!

Writing a Clipboard Manager

Nguyễn Gia Phong wanted to give a presentation at the upcoming Raku Conference, but instead decided to convert their presentation to a blog post: Writing a Clipboard Manager. The reason for this conversion started a discussion about the online conferencing software to be used.

Writing devopsish tests

Alexey Melezhik has written a quick introduction into Tomty, a Raku test framework with focus on devops tasks: it allows one to write test scenarios in Bash and orchestrate them using Raku.

Flavio’s Corner

Flavio Poletti continued writing, this week in Default member values, again (/r/rakulang comments).


Weekly Challenge #120 is available for your perusal. And this week’s “What’s everyone working on (2021.27)” as well.

Pull Requests

Please check these Pull Requests and leave any comments that you may have!

Core Developments

  • Elizabeth Mattijsen added support for next taking a value and optimized PredictiveIterators a bit., resulting in a 1% improvement of the test-t performance canary.
  • And some other smaller fixes and improvements.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Worthington continued their work on the new-disp branch, mostly solidifying the work of the past weeks.

Questions about Raku

Meanwhile on Twitter

Meanwhile on the mailing list

Comments about Raku

New Raku Modules

  • Chemistry::Stoichiometry “Package for Stoichiometry procedures: chemical formula parsing, chemical equations balancing. Contains relevant chemical element data. Multi-language support”, Lingua::NumericWordForms “Generators, parsers, and interpreters of numeric word forms in different languages” by Anton Antonov.
  • FileSystem::Helpers “Helper functions for file systems” by Ben Little.

Updated Raku Modules

Winding down

On time in this real quiet week. Sport events, holidays and a general feeling of release from restrictions. Unfortunately no videos from esLibre yet. So, please check in again next week. Meanwhile, stay healthy and stay vigilant. It’s not over just yet!

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