2022.09/10 Universally Promoted

kapitaali_com wondered whether Raku is mature enough to build a university level computer science course around it. And a positive discussion followed. Looking forward to the first result of anybody picking up on this!

Comma Complete

Oleksandr Kyriukhin announced the latest version of Comma Complete, the IDE for the Raku Programming Language.

Raku Community On Twitter

Thanks to Claudio Ramirez, there is now also a Raku Community on Twitter! Not a lot going on there just yet, but who knows what the future will bring.

On Polling

Ralph Mellor created the first poll on /r/rakulang, the outcome of that poll indicates there may come more, as long as they’re well designed and administered.


Konstantin Narkhov has taken on the invasion of Ukraine in a very programmatic way: if you’re a developer on Github or Gitlab, you can show your support by creating a Pull Request for the Manifest::StopWar module.

Wenzel’s Corner

Wenzel P.P. Peppmeyer had another nice set of blog posts on ways to use the Raku Programming Language:

Codesections’ Corner

Matthew’s Corner

Matthew “Stephen” Stuckwisch figured out the code with the most non-alpha characters in a row. And asked the question: What’s everyone working on? (March 2022 Edition). And activated user flairs on /r/rakulang.

Tony’s Corner

Tony O’Dell wrote the first part of a series on Building a Cro application.


Weekly Challenge #155 is available for your perusal, and of course Weekly Challenge #154 also still is.

New Pull Requests

Core Developments

  • Daniel Green fixed a string issue with NativeCall, and JITted many more of the new unsigned integer _u ops, and fixed a spesh issue with native unsigned int named arguments.
  • Stefan Seifert made sure that when an unsigned native integer is returned, it will continue to be treated as unsigned. And fixed a build issue with installed modules after a Rakudo rebuild. And fixed a very hard to reproduce multi-level inlining issue, finally!
  • Patrick Böker fixed the semantics of IO::Path.parent in some (important) edge cases (better).
  • Vadim Belman fixed an issue with multi method candidates getting lost in 6.e.
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen exposed the .file and .line of a Label object.
  • And some other smaller fixes and improvements.

Questions about Raku

Meanwhile on Twitter

Comments about Raku

New Raku modules

  • Dan “Top level roles for Data Analytics” by Steve Roe.
  • List::Operator::DoublePlus “Another operator for list concatenation” by Tilwa Qendov.
  • Pod::To::PDF “Render Pod to PDF via Cairo” by David Warring.
  • Statistics “Raku module for doing statistics” by Suman Khanal.
  • Log::Dispatch “Dispatching multi-source, multi-destination logging” by Vadim Belman.
  • Manifest::StopWar “The manifest to stop the war between Russia and Ukraine in Raku” by Konstantin Narkhov.
  • Games::Wordle “Wordle in Raku” by Daniel Mita.

Updated Raku Modules

Winding down

And what a two weeks it was. With so much destruction of material and immaterial assets built up over decades since the end of the Cold War 😭.

Therefore, until further notice, the Rakudo Weekly News will be showing the Ukrainian flag 🇺🇦 in support of the people in Ukraine, and any other people who are trying to make an end to the invasion of, and the war in Ukraine. Слава Україні!  Героям слава!

In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy and keep up the good work 🕊🌻!


  1. The greeting “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!” became an official slogan of Stepan Bandera’s Nazi-allied OUN-B in April 1941. (from wiki)


    • From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glory_to_Ukraine

      > It has gained worldwide prominence as a symbol of resistance during the ongoing 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, and was set to music by the Norwegian Armed Forces’ official composer Marcus Paus, who was loosely inspired by Ukraine’s national anthem.[5] It has also been used in protests in support of Ukraine around the world.[6] It has been used in speeches by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy as well as many foreign leaders such as Ursula von der Leyen,[7] Boris Johnson,[8] Mark Rutte,[9] Andrej Plenković[10] and Jacinda Ardern.[11]

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    • Leave you history exercises to yourself. Or study the real history, with all its complications. Let me remind you that current Russia flag was used by the real Nazi collaborator – the army of Vlasov. Contrary to that, Bandera did spend a few years in a nazi’s concentration camp.

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      • “Bandera did spend a few years in a nazi’s concentration camp” – well, in “Ehrenhaft” which means something like “honorary imprisonment”. The Nazis of course did not have any interest in an independent ukrainian state, but he was a fellow fascist after all and had done a lot of dirty work for them. They even released him before the war ended, hoping he would help slow down the soviet army…


      • I am against any fascism and of course I hate Vlasov as much as Bandera. Flags of Russia and Vlasov’s army slightly different, but both of them not my flags. I was born in USSSR and my flag is red.


    • I like this answer on Quora on the question whether it is nazi-based: “Because of the history. The phrase was first used by Ukrainian citizens, who were fighting for free Ukraine against Soviet occupants, Nazis and Polish, who wanted to capture Ukraine. You may think that this is totally alright to fight against your freedom, but Russians and some Polish do not think so, mostly due to propaganda in these countries. It’s narratives are ‘Ukraine is ours’, and lots of people believe so. That’s why they become offended when someone, Ukrainian or not, reminds them, that they’re on the wrong. So if you are Ukrainian, saying ‘Slava Ukraini’ — you are patriot and fighter for freedom, and if you are foreigner saying that — you are a great friend of all Ukrainians and justice.” https://qr.ae/pGdDAc

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  2. How exactly creating a pull request will help stop the war? You do not need to spread information anymore, because everyone already aware of this war unleashed by the criminal Putin.

    You can always help financially by donating either to the ukrainian forces or the russian opposition (https://donate.fbk.world) or organizations like https://ovdinfo.org that help the protesters from russia

    It’s sad to see current process of alienation between russians and “west”

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