2022.06 BASICly

Matthew “Stephen” Stuckwisch has started playing around with the RakuAST branch of Rakudo, and has written a proof of concept module of a BASIC slang and reported about that on /r/rakulang. Cool stuff. And a great introduction on things to come in the Raku Programming Language!


A few days before FOSDEM 2022 actually started, Andrew Shitov reminded us about Larry Wall’s announcement 7 years earlier. The Raku DevRoom was a success, kudos to Andrew Shitov for organizing! And the videos are already available as well (although the .mp4 versions appear to be faulty at the time of writing: /r/rakulang comments).

The Next Iteration

ychaouche has started a series of blog posts about how they view the Raku Programming Language. The first instalment is called The next iteration of Perl is now a different language called Raku, which caused quite a few (positive) comments on /r/rakulang. Nice to see Raku from a different perspective!

Sizes and Ecosystems

Clifton Wood posted some thoughts about the Raku ecosystem and projects sizes and found the project with the most LOC!

Getting the Temperature

Jonathan Stowe made good on their promise to write a blog on making a home thermostat using a Raspberry Pi and Raku: Part 1: Getting the Temperature.


Weekly Challenge #151 is available for your perusal.

New Pull Requests

Other Core Developments

  • Nicholas Clark removed all MoarVM code that was needed to support older bytecode versions.
  • Stefan Seifert again did an impressive amount of work to make native unsigned integers first class citizens on MoarVM / nqp / Rakudo, and optimized the dispatcher handling of subsets.
  • Daniel Green fixed a lot of (potential) issues on MoarVM that were found by an lgtm.com audit.
  • Vadim Belman made it possible to turn on the MoarVM dispatch debugger with command-line arguments to the configuration (rather than needing to change the source).
  • Christian Bartolomäus followed up on a lot of the work on native unsigned integers on the JVM backend, which has its challenges.
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen fixed a race-condition that affected the use of EVAL from multiple threads at the same time.
  • Nick Logan fixed a race condition on temporary precompilation files.
  • And some smaller tweaks and fixes!

Questions about Raku

Meanwhile on Twitter

Comments about Raku

New Raku modules

  • shorten-sub-commands “allow partial specification of sub-commands” by Elizabeth Mattijsen.
  • Shodan “A raku-lang API client for Shodan” by Sarah Fuller.

Updated Raku Modules

Winding down

Yet again a week withs some interesting discussions! And amazing work by Stefan Seifert and many others. Next week there will be another episode of the Rakudo Weekly News, which will hopefully be read again by people who stayed safe!

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