2022.04 Unsigned Merge

This week’s good news is that the about 2 months of work of Stefan Seifert to properly support native unsigned integers, was merged. This work, and Daniel Green‘s work on using the mimalloc memory allocation library, however caused some unexpected ecosystem fallout. Instead of reverting all of this work (which would have been a big task in itself), it was decided to move forward by skipping the 2022.01 Rakudo Compiler release: the next release will be 2022.02. Which has an odd symmetry to it!

Grant Proposals

Have an idea for a project in the Raku Programming Language, but cannot afford to do so? Maybe it is an idea to submit a Grant Proposal for it then! The January 2022 round will close by the end of the month!


Alexandr Zahatski (the author of the Podlite editor) has written about the =Toc element in the Raku Documentation Language.


Weekly Challenge #149 is available for your perusal.

New Pull Requests

Other Core Developments

  • Daniel Green added missing precedence information on the +<, +>, ~< and ~> infix operators.
  • Vadim Belman re-implemented smartmatch as a dispatcher, using the new capabilities that the new-disp work brought.
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen made the .unique, .repeated and .squish methods on native arrays about 3x as fast.
  • And some other smaller fixes.

Questions about Raku

Meanwhile on Twitter

Meanwhile on the mailing list

Comments about Raku

New Raku modules

Updated Raku Modules

Winding down

Blog post wise, a quiet week. But at least 15 people worked on new and existing modules in the ecosystem, so that’s not half bad. As always, continue to stay healthy and safe. Hope to see you next week for another episode of the Rakudo Weekly News!

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