2021.08 First 21

Alexander Kiryuhin has just announced the release of the first Rakudo Compiler Release of 2021: 2021.02 which, among many other fixes and improvements, implements the .slice method on Seqs and adds support for passing multiple units to Date / DateTime‘s .earlier and .later methods as the most visual additions. Kudos to Alexander for making sure all of this work comes together again!

More formatting goodness

Matthew Stuckwisch elaborates on the new Intl::Format::Unit module, which puts Raku on the cutting edge of unit handling in the world. From a simple: format-unit 123 :unit<meter> producing "123 m", to a format-unit 12345.6789, :unit<solar-radius-cubic-yottaliter-per-pound-square-millimeter> producing "12,345.6789 R☉⋅Yl³/lb⋅mm²", it is all being supported by this excellent new module!

January Report

Jonathan Worthington has reported on their work on the Raku Development Grant in January 2021! It shows some of the complicated (and potentially nested) dispatch situations that can occur in the Raku Programming Language, and how they can be made faster (and of which some preliminary benchmarks show promising results).

Pheix CMS is β-released

Konstantin Narkhov reports that their Pheix Content Management System (written in Raku and using the Ethereum blockchain as a storage backend) has now entered public beta-testing.


Wenzel P.P. Peppmeyer continues their quest to augment core classes in Raku without burning your hands using the InterceptAllMethods module (which incidentally is also at the root of the Object::Delayed module).

The Course of Raku

In a post on I Programmer, Nikos Vaggalis introduces the “Complete Course of the Raku programming language” by Andrew Shitov to a more extended audience in The Course of Raku.

Raku Libhunt

It appears that LibHunt, a service that tracks people mentioning open-source projects and software libraries, is also tracking The Raku Programming Language. Not quite sure what that means just yet 🙂

FOSDEM videos

The Raku videos from the DevRoom at the online FOSDEM this year have become available:

Please note that these videos do not play well on some browsers: a recent Chromium browser appears to be recommended for viewing these.

To found a foundation

Andrew Shitov has opened a problem issue about the idea of founding a Raku Foundation. A lot has been said in there already (/r/rakulang comments).


Weekly Challenge #101 is available for your perusal.

Pull Requests

Please check them out and leave any comments that you may have!

Core Developments

  • Stefan Seifert fixed an issue caused by a change in behaviour of libuv with regards to multiple active reads on an async socket.
  • Mikhail Khorkov fixed an issue in the optimizer with regards to the R-metaoperator.
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen fixed an issue with calling .new on shaped arrays that caused a problem in the gisting of the result of a hyper on a shaped array. And fixed an issue with the MoarVM::SIL module that would miss some cases of inlining, which in turn would cause test-flappers.
  • Daniel Green fixed a memory leak in the raku runner script.

Questions about Raku

Meanwhile on Twitter

Meanwhile on the mailing list

Comments about Raku

New Raku Modules

Updated Raku Modules

Winding down

New modules and updated modules, a compiler release and cool blog posts. And spring has started, at least at where yours truly lives. What else does one want? 🙂 Please continue to be safe and healthy. See you next week for another instalment of the Rakudo Weekly News.

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