2020.34 Another Survey Time

It’s that time of the year again! Time for the yearly Raku User Survey! Please fill in the survey so that the Raku Community can better tweak the Raku experience. Kudos to JJ Merelo for organizing this once again!


Brian Duggan has written a nice introduction into their latest project tmeta, “a console for your console”. It is a wrapper for tmux that supports sending and receiving data to/from tmux panes. And all written in the Raku Programming Language! (Twitter, /r/rakulang comments). Great to see a general purpose tool being written in Raku! And so well explained in a blog post!

Rakudo Compiler 2020.08.1 Release

Alexander Kiryuhin announced the Rakudo 2020.08 Compiler Release on time! Sadly, a bug in the revamped release process that caused version information to not be updated, made a 2020.08.1 release necessary. Nonetheless, as usual, associated binary packages are available at the expected locations.

Podlite update

Alexandr Zahatski‘s Podlite, the open source pod6 editor for Windows, Mac and Linux has gotten an update.

RakuAST progress

Jonathan Worthington reported on their progress on the RakuAST grant: the first BEGIN-time construct (the use statement) is now supported in RakuAST.

Another first impression

Gábor Szabo takes a look at the Raku Programming Language (again). Perhaps it is an idea to add a help function to the REPL 🙂

Video finally

Thanks to the work of the video team of FOSDEM, the video of JJ Merelo‘s presentation at FOSDEM 2020 has been released. Check how they explain on why syntax is not so important, with an introduction to the emerging language Raku!

The last of the RFC investigations

The final batch of cool blog posts in honour of the 20th Anniversary of the Perl 6 RFC process:

A nice piece of history review, gathered together in 21 blog posts!

Only the one

Wenzel P. P. Peppmeyer wrote only one blog post this week: Exceptionally Colourful.

Extra Produce

A nice batch of blog posts by Andrew Shitov in the Pearls of Raku series: Issue 7: Triangular reduction operator (/r/rakulang comments) and Issue 8: the secrets of min (and max) (/r/rakulang comments) in addition to the blog posts for the Weekly Challenge.

Weekly Challenge

The entries for Challenge 74 that have Raku solutions:

In related Challenge news: Mohammad S Anwar announced the rename to “Weekly Challenge”, Andrew Shitov reviewed all of the Raku solutions of Challenge #73. The Weekly Challenge #75 is up for your perusal!

Core Developments

  • Elizabeth Mattijsen made the error shown on an ambiguous dispatch less cluttery.

Since core development is moving towards a more Pull Request oriented approach, this overview will from now on also contain an overview of new Pull Requests.

Please check them out and leave any comments that you may have!

Questions about Raku

Meanwhile on Twitter

Meanwhile on perl6-users

Comments about Raku

New Raku Modules

Updated Raku Modules

Winding down

Only two weeks to go to make yourself available as a candidate for the coming Raku Steering Council elections!

codesections pointed out that sometimes bugs can live for a long time in a story about a 35-year old bug in patch by Larry Wall. Yours truly thinks this bodes well for the future of Raku 🙂

Yet again a week with emphasis on blog posting and modules in the ecosystem! But also a week with a compiler release! Yours truly keeps repeating: don’t forget to stay healthy and to stay safe. See you next week, in good health!

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