2020.09 A Quick One From Bubenreuth

Yours truly is on the road to the 22nd German Perl/Raku Workshop 2020 in Erlangen, Germany. The program starts on Tuesday evening with a Pre-event Social. The program has the following presentations with Raku content:

Another release

A problem in an upstream library used by MoarVM, made it impossible to build the 2020.02 Rakudo compiler release on Alpine GNU/Linux. The problem has been fixed in the upstream library, and a new release has been made by Alexander Kiryuhin. (Twitter, Linux packages by Claudio Ramirez).

Run and Shell on Windows

About a year ago Patrick Böker started an issue on how Proc::Async should call cmd.exe on Windows. Due to recent questions, this got a lot of new comments in the past week. If you have any feelings about the subject, please join in (/r/programming comments)!

Renaming Progress

  • Tom Browder activated the RAKULIB environment variable, a replacement for the to be removed PERL6LIB environment variable.

Weekly Challenge

The Raku entries for Challenge #49:

Ryan C. Thompson also did reviews of Raku solutions to Challenge #048. Challenge #50 is up for your perusal!

Core Developments

  • Jonathan Worthington‘s work on derived specializations of the past weeks, was merged.
  • Jan-Olof Hendig added support for Thread Sanitizer to MoarVM.
  • Patrick Böker updated dyncall to rev 357. They also fixed some build issues if the build path had spaces in them, and re-activated Circle-CI testing.
  • Stefan Seifert fixed various compiler warnings on MoarVM.
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen optimized some aspects of pre-compilation and made it easier to coerce a string to Date / DateTime.
  • Tobias Boege made sure that Cool.contains(Regex) works.
  • And many smaller fixes and improvements.

Questions about Raku

Meanwhile on Twitter

Meanwhile on perl6-users

Comments about Raku

New Raku Modules

Updated Raku Modules

Winding down

A quick one from a suburb of Erlangen, while preparing for the presentation on Wednesday and hoping to do some touristing and socializing in Erlangen. Hope to see you again next week for more news about the Raku Programming Language.

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