2023.18 Thank You, Moritz

Moritz Lenz is a long time Raku collaborator (3.4K+ commits in the Rakudo, 3.4K+ documentation commits, 1.3K+ commits in roast). Which in itself already deserves a big Thank You!

They also have been a TPRF Grant Committee member for a long time. But would like to step down from the Grant Committee soon. Since they are the only Raku oriented member, it would be quite sad to not have any Raku oriented members in this committee anymore.

Please contact Moritz by mail (moritz.lenz at gmail.com), or on #raku, if you’d like to take on this role, or have any questions about it. And thank you again Moritz, for performing this role for a long time!

Paul’s Corner

Paul Buetow published a blog about how they are tracking uptimes on their serverpark in Unveiling guprecords.raku: Global Uptime Records.

Anton’s Corner

Anton Antonov provided an update on their work on the WWW::OpenAI module, which provides access to the machine learning service OpenAI.

Liz’s Corner

Elizabeth Mattijsen solicits comments / suggestions about the idea of having a Solstice Calendar twice a year?

Steering Council

The minutes of the April 29, 2023 meeting are available.


Weekly Challenge #215 is available for your perusal.

Core Developments

  • Elizabeth Mattijsen fixed the incorrect coercion for Nil.Int.

And in RakuAST developments this week:

  • Elizabeth Mattijsen ripped out the old bits of pod handling in the grammar and actions, and replaced that by a completely new implementation, allowing for building RakuDoc blocks in RakuAST and customizing the generation of final version of Pod objects.
  • Stefan Seifert fixed writeability of bound parameters, treat COMPILING as a pseudo-package, illegal post-declaration of variables, canonicalization of names, and added support for the dynamic-scope pragma and binding to pseudo-package variables.
  • The number of passing test-files with the new Raku grammar are now 138/150 (make test +0) and 800/1355 (make spectest +10).

Meanwhile on Mastodon

Meanwhile still on Twitter

Questions about Raku


New Raku Modules

  • App::Gitstatus “Provides git-status-check to help maintain a directory of Git repositories” by Tom Browder.
  • Linux::NFTables “An interface to libnftables, a library to interact with Linux NFTables” by Fernando Santagata.
  • FontFactory::Type1 “Provides the standard Adobe PostScript fonts in a friendly package for use with many PDF::* modules” by Tom Browder.

Updated Raku Modules

Winding down

Some nice new modules and module updates!

This week’s picture is there to remind us that the people of Ukraine are still under attack, every single day. Слава Україні!  Героям слава!

Please keep staying safe, keep staying healthy, and keep up the good work!

If you like what I’m doing, committing to a small sponsorship would mean a great deal!

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