2022.51 Hijacking D3

Anton Antonov has published another video, this time about their excellent new module Javascript::D3 to create beautiful graphs with Raku in Jupyter notebooks, or just even in HTML. It also comes with a blog post and comments on /r/rakulang. Check it out!

Migration your MacOS Photos Folders

Pawel Pabian has written a blog post about a very interesting use of Raku: migrating your pictures out of MacOS Photos Folders into something less Apple-centric. Yours truly will certainly have a look at that!

10 Raku Best Practices

Out of the blue in what appears to be most likely ChatGPT generated, an “Agnes Meyer” provides a list of Raku’s 10 best practices (/r/rakulang comments).

Raku Advent Calendar 2022

The past weeks entries of the fourth Raku Advent Calendar:


The TPRF has been able to secure a booth at FOSDEM 2023, and is looking for people to populate the booth!

The SF Raku Study Group

The Raku Study Group will have another online meeting on New Year’s Day.


Weekly Challenge #196 is available for your perusal.

New Problem Solving Issues

New Pull Requests

Core Developments

  • Florian Weimer prevented a future issue around implicit function declarations in MoarVM.
  • Daniel Green JITted various less used nqp ops, such as nqp::rand_i.
  • Vadim Belman implemented the new use experimental :rakuast feature, allowing access to the RakuAST::classes, and made error reporting from RakuAST classes better.
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen made List.head() about 2.4x as fast (now faster than List[0]).
  • And some other smaller fixes and improvements.

Questions about Raku

Meanwhile on Mastodon

Meanwhile, still on Twitter


New Raku Modules

  • Javascript::D3 “Generation of JavaScript’s D3 code for making plots and charts” by Anton Antonov.
  • Native::FindVersion “Find the last, or only, installed version of a shared lib” by JJ Merelo.

Updated Raku Modules

Winding down

A very cold week that reminded me how lucky yours truly is, compared to many people in Ukraine who have no heating or water or electricity, and who are still fighting the Russian aggression. Слава Україні!  Героям слава!

Please keep staying safe, keep staying healthy, and keep up the good work!

If you like what I’m doing, committing to a small sponsorship would mean a great deal!

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