2022.33 2nd Conf Succeeded

The past weekend contained two full days of the second Raku Conference. The videos of the separate presentations are not available yet, but you can watch a re-run of the livestream already:

A good time was had!

Meet The Champion

Márton Polgár made it to this month’s Weekly Challenge Champion!

Wenzel’s Corner

Wenzel P.P. Peppmeyer ruminated about the difference between a variable and a symbol.

Brian’s Corner

Brian Wisti got distracted by a girl on a surfboard and from that followed a Raku emoji reverse lookup tool and a blog post.

Did You Know?

That yours truly did not come up with a small “Did You Know?” this week?


Weekly Challenge #178 is available for your perusal.

New Pull Requests

Core Developments

  • Elizabeth Mattijsen made it possible to optionally allow --no-foo as a command line argument as an alias of --/foo. And made it possible to specify multiple values on the skip method in 6.e, which allows one to produce and skip values more easily on any Iterable.

Questions about Raku

Meanwhile on Twitter

Meanwhile on the mailing list

Comments about Raku

New Raku Modules

  • URI::Query::FromHash “Construct a query string from a hash” by JJ Atria.
  • path-utils “Low-level path introspection utility functions” by Elizabeth Mattijsen.
  • rak “Plumbing to be able to look for stuff” by Elizabeth Mattijsen.
  • Polyglot::Regexen “Enable use of non-Raku flavors of regex directly in Raku code” by Matthew Stuckwisch.

Updated Raku Modules

Winding down

Quite a busy week in Raku module land again! Pretty cool!

This week’s image background continues to remind us to support Ukraine in their and our fight against the Russian aggression. Слава Україні!  Героям слава!

In the meantime, please stay safe, stay healthy, keep up the good work!

If you like what I’m doing, committing to a small sponsorship would mean a great deal!

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