2021.32 FirstCon Done

The first Raku Conference is over: if you like the full experience, you can check out the video streams of Day 1, Day 2, Day 3. It was great to see such an event dedicated to the Raku Programming Language run so smoothly, thanks to Andrew Shitov, all the presenters and participants, as well as the sponsors!

Each of the presentations will have their own video, accessible from the talk pages. They are:

If the videos don’t show up on a page yet, please try again in a day or so: Andrew is working on encoding the presentations properly bookended as this is written.

Be sure to also check out the Comma promotional videos, each highlighting an aspect of the Comma IDE that will make you consider Comma for your Raku projects in the future (if you’re not using Comma already, of course).

On NFG and its potential issues

excors looked into how the Raku Programming Language compared to Swift with regards to Unicode and NFG specifically, and blogged about it. With quite an interesting set of comments to go with it on LWN.net, as well as on /r/rakulang.

TPF ╳ Raku

After the Raku Conference was over, Andrew Shitov expressed their view about the support they got from YAS (Yet Another Society, the official name of The Perl Foundation).  This caused some extensive commenting, also by yours truly.  It is to be hoped that something good will come from this in the future!

Alexey’s Corner

Alexey Melezhik was very busy again this week, both in creating new uses of Raku and blogging about it:

Flavio’s Corner

Flavio Poletti continued their journey through Raku with four blog posts this week:

Wenzel’s Corner

Wenzel couldn’t resist a blog post by Flavio again, and came with one of their own again: They returned an empty package.


Weekly Challenge #125 is available for your perusal. And this week’s “What’s everyone working on (2021.32)” as well.

Core Developments

  • Vadim Belman fixed type matching against several native types.
  • Wenzel P. P. Peppmeyer fixed reducing on the infix &&, ||, // and ^^ operators.
  • Ben Davies enhanced signature-signature type checking and improved its performance.
  • Itsuki Toyota made sure that NaN can be passed to subroutines with the is native trait.

Again, this week’s development action was mainly on the new-disp branch, although this slowed down a lot on account of talk presentations for the first Raku Conference.

Questions about Raku

Meanwhile on Twitter

Meanwhile on the mailing list

Comments about Raku

New Raku Modules

  • Proc::Easy Provides an easier interface to the Proc class and the run routine by Tom Browder.
  • bird Alternative to Chef Inspec by Alexey Melezhik.

Updated Raku Modules

Winding down

It was a quiet week, with many people working on their Raku Conference presentations, or just being on holiday, or both. Until the extended weekend of course, when the Raku Conference hit! It was great to be at a conference again, albeit an online one. Looking forward to next year’s conference, hopefully IRL again. Still, please remain careful and vigilant: this pandemic is far from over yet! See you all next week!

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