2021.05 GSoC Proposing

JJ Merelo has taken the initiative (again, so kudos!) to set up a list of Google Summer of Code proposals for the Raku Programming Language. The following proposals have arrived already:

Please add your proposals as Pull Requests to the GSOC-2021-ideas repository!

Raku CI integration bot Grant Proposal

Patrick Böker has submitted a Grant Proposal to create a Raku CI Bot to orchestrate the testing process of the Rakudo, NQP and MoarVM projects. Please leave your comments on this project proposal, as it will help the Grants Committee to make a decision!

Comma Community Release

This quarter’s release of Comma Community (the IDE of choice for the Raku Programming Language) brings a number of welcome improvements: new code analyses include annotating calls to deprecated routines (those annotated with the is DEPRECATED trait), passing the wrong number of arguments or mismatched named arguments to a routine, assignment to a readonly parameter, and use of self in a context where it is not available (examples).

Meanwhile, writing code gets more convenient. The ASCII to Unicode conversion support that arrived in the previous release has been extended, and now covers hyper operators and terms like pi. When a call to an unknown sub is detected, there’s now a quickfix to stub it. When a sub is annotated as unused, there are quickfixes to delete it or add the is export trait. A new intention allows switching between fat arrow and colon pair syntax.

Comma’s type inference has improved too, the most visible improvement being that a for loop over a typed array will provide completion and code navigation on the iteration variable based upon the element type. And, as usual, there’s a whole bunch of smaller improvements and fixes across the IDE.

FOSDEM this weekend

Don’t forget to check out the Raku Programming Language presentations in the DevRoom of FOSDEM 2021, this year online on 6 / 7 February!

New blog posts


Weekly Challenge #98 is available for your perusal. Yanzhan Yang posted Solution to Riddle #4 of the Raku Riddle Contest and posted Riddle #5.

Core Developments

  • Jonathan Worthington has started work on the new-disp branch again (that re-implements the way all dispatching works, fixing several shortcomings and opening the possibility of easier to implement optimizations).
  • Patrick Böker made it possible to explicitly set arg0 in Proc objects.
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen made Date / Datetime .later / .earlier about 50% faster and Date / DateTime .truncated-to upto 19x as fast (depending on what it is being truncated to), and also improved the error reporting on using closed IO::Handle objects.
  • Christian Bartolomäus fixed some recent breakage on the JVM backend.
  • And some other smaller tweaks and fixes.

Pull Requests of the past week:

Please check it out and leave any comments that you may have!

Questions about Raku

Meanwhile on Twitter

Meanwhile on the mailing list

Comments about Raku

New Raku Modules

Updated Raku Modules

Winding down

Again a massive number of modules got updated. Not a lot of visual core developments this week, but in the background some amazing work is being done by Daniel Green, Stefan Seifert and Jonathan Worthington. To be reported on soon! In any case, hope to see you back here all safe and healthy for next week’s Rakudo Weekly News!

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