2020.42 Recipes

Another Raku book just hit the (virtual) bookshelves: Raku Recipes, A Problem-Solution Approach by JJ Merelo, with examples about data science, analytics, microservices, and desktop/console applications usage. Recommended reading and mandatory addition to your programming language bookshelves!

Raku Development Grant Report

Jonathan Worthington reported on the progress of the newdisp branch this last September.

Alexey’s corner

Alexey Melezhik came out with two new Sparrow plugins: jinjalint, for linting Jinja Templates, and tflint for linting Terraform scripts.

Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge #83 is available for your perusal. Andrew Shitov did a YouTube review of Challenge #81 task #1 and task #2.

This week, Laurent Rosenfeld almost could not write the blog post because of events in the city where they are a council member. Kudos to Laurent for not being stopped by madmen!

Core Developments

  • Stefan Seifert, after many hours of painstaking debugging, fixed a long-standing issue with the interning of parametric types in precompilation. Done as part of the work of getting in-process precompilation to work.
  • Will Coleda documented some nqp:: ops that weren’t properly documented before.
  • Patrick Böker implemented building (on Windows) a rakuw.exe “window” application (as opposed to raku.exe being a “console” application).
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen fixed issues with using set operators with Z and X, and implemented full support for adverbs and partial slices for multi-dimensional arrays and hashes (for v6.e.PREVIEW).
  • Alexandre Jousset fixed an issue with NativeCall and C++ that was preventing instantiating a class more than once.
  • And some other smaller fixes and improvements.

This week’s new Pull Requests:

Please check them out and leave any comments that you may have!

Questions about Raku

Meanwhile on Twitter

Comments about Raku

Updated Raku Modules

Winding down

The first instalment of the Rakudo Weekly News in its second year! With some interesting new Raku Programming Language features! As always, but in this year more specifically: please don’t forget to stay healthy and to stay safe. And don’t forget to check in next week again for more Raku news!

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